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Our strategy...

Public relations, at it's very core, is about information.

It is a particularly effective tool in building awareness because of its power to positively enhance understanding and loyalty thereby differentiating your organization from others.

At BTC-Boston our strategy is to position our clients as "the" go-to resource for their field. This requires outreach in the good old fashioned way (phone calls, introductory emails and information on who-to-call-24/7), as well as offering up proactive stories relating to current seasonal events, as well as breaking news events whenever possible.

Even as the delivery methods of media and its need for content changes, the basis for getting "in the news" remains the same...all news is local.

One example of our work is the flexible PNF news delivery system we developed as the landscape of public relations changed.

To better reach the often-untapped community newspaper editors throughout the country (perhaps with a monthly column), we developed BTC's proprietary system called the Preferred News Format (PNF).

Simply put, ours is a streamlined process designed by BTC-Boston to deliver regionally-based, newsworthy stories (not fluff press releases) to appropriate newspapers that feature a "by-line" article from a locally based expert within the community. This is not a one-size-fits-all story. It is a locally created and timely delivered piece, suited to the targeted community.

The beauty of BTC-Boston's PNF system being used to deliver journalistic-quality stories is that we create the need and the opportunity to create a series of first-rate stories that editors truly appreciate.

The reality is, most community newspapers do not have ample staff writers because of small budgets and often rely on the newswire for their information. But these newswire stories lack that all-important local feel. PNF can deliver this.

By providing pre-written stories of journalistic quality, we are essentially doing the work of a staff writer at no cost to the media outlet. When you consider the average local weekly paper is not only read by members of the household, but often sits for the full week until the next issue arrives, PNF columns will reach target audiences cost-effectively and consistently.

Just like politics, in media relations, everything is local. So, using a by-line of a client from a local target area is often the difference between a story's publication and not.