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About Colleen Turner


"Even as a child, I enjoyed telling and listening to a good story.  I always thought I was destined to be in front of the camera, but a college internship at Channel 5 helped me realize I prefer crafting news, not reading it.  


I am a skilled communications professional with 20+ year’s experience in marketing, media and public relations.  


From CEOs to clowns – yes, I shilled for Ringling Bros. Barnum & Bailey for way too many shows – I’ve worked with them all." 


Professional accomplishments of note include: creation of BTC’s proprietary Preferred News Format (PNF) system to efficiently and successfully deliver consistent media messages to multiple community-based media outlets featuring local/hometown spokespeople; development of turnkey marketing and communications programs for Starwood Hotels, GMAC Real Estate and University of Phoenix, to name a few; grassroots community programs and events to work hand-in-hand with local nonprofits; and general media counseling and speech training for a wide variety of business professionals and sports personalities.


A few clients and projects of national impact include a grassroots campaign for Philips Lifeline (“I’ve fallen and I can’t get up!”) that featured a series of stories in local weekly papers by the area representative on how to keep seniors safe and in their homes longer; community outreach for various galas and multi-day special events that centered on working with sports personalities and celebrities on behalf of Joslin Diabetes Center; the launch and/or repositioning of drugs for UCB, such as anti-anxiety and colonoscopy preparation meds.  More event promotion for the Faulkner, as well as its partner, Brigham & Women’s Hospital, and many internal relations projects to help educate our state legislators on behalf of the Mass. Beer Distributors, Mass. Eye Surgeons and the Motion Picture Association of America. 


Colleen, your basic PR Goddess, manages and oversees all client projects, including development, coordination and implementation of public relations and marketing campaigns and all related support items.  


Her “hand’s on” philosophy serves both clients and media well, resulting in increased story placement and general market awareness, all within budget.


A 1983 graduate of Bridgewater State College, Colleen earned her degree in communications, arts and sciences.  Though she initially planned a career in radio and television, the switch to public relations was a natural one and suits her perfectly.


Her strong attention to detail and tenacity when working “to get the story” hold her in good stead.  Formerly from Yarmouth, Massachusetts, Colleen now resides in historic Newburyport where she serves on the Historical Society board of directors and volunteers as a docent for the Caleb Cushing House Museum.